Miss Meadows

Miss Meadows, LLC is a family-owned and operated daffodil farm located in the small town of Pelahatchie, Mississippi and the dream of a woman known to her close friends and family as “Miss Docie.” A native of Pelahatchie, Miss Docie grew up being taught the art of gardening from her mother and aunt developing along the way an unconditional love for the daffodil. Throughout her life, Miss Docie made it a mission to fill her yard with every new variety of daffodil she could find and to salvage overcrowded daffodils from old home sites and relocate them to her yard and the yards of her friends and family so that they could be enjoyed. To this day every spring, her house and yard and the houses and yards of her friends and family are filled with the beautiful blooms. Her grandson, Joey, paid special attention throughout his youth and young adult life to the lessons in planting and growing daffodils. Then one day, the story of the daffodils over brunch with friends Jen and Stephen and wife Laura hatched into an idea for a business and Miss Meadows was born. From that day forward here at Miss Meadows, our passion has been to grow quality daffodils in the rich Mississippi loamy soil so that you and your family can enjoy the same unconditional love for this flower that our family has always known.