Miss Meadows

News from the Farm

First Daffodils of 2017!

It’s that time a year again – daffodils are blooming!

Beauty is popping-up all around and it appears the bulbs may have tripled in the fertile soil of Miss Meadows since last year.  Stay tuned for the full-field pictures and official counts!

Dutch Master

Dutch Master leads the charge again this year showing her blooms early and in full force across the entire row.

Gigantic Star

The Gigantic Star daffodils are starting to bud and are growing strong!

Our First Bulb Harvest

Our “test harvest” of approximately 500 bulbs went according to plan. All bulbs harvested show signs of a healthy multiplication.

The next step will be to dry the bulbs for a couple of months and get them to market in the Fall.

The team hard at work:

  • Stephen and John on the tractor
  • Joey getting down his hands dirty


Cultivating with Science – Thank you Dr. Snazelle

The Miss Meadows team is always looking to learn more about how to cultivate and care for the farm properly.

Dr. Ted Snazelle, Professor and Chair Emeritus Biological Sciences at Mississippi College and daffodil expert, honored us with a visit to the farm and allowed us to ask many questions.

Special thanks to our new friend, Dr. Ted Snazelle, who was so kind as to answer all of our questions about daffodil farming. Ted, our Miss Meadows team is forever in your debt!

Joey, Dr. Snazelle, and Laura

Joey, Dr. Snazelle, and Laura

A Field of Daffodil Dreams

The harvest of blooms for the first year exceeded our wildest imaginations!

Harvesting the Daffodil Blooms

March and April realized our fields-of-daffodils dreams.  Almost all of the 10 varieties of daffodils planted in the fertile fields of Miss Meadows thrived and produced beautiful blooms.  We harvested the bounty of blooms to share them with the community and ensure the bulbs can reclaim the foliage’s energy for the winter.


We picked over 15,000 blooms in 2016 and were able to share with them with the community, friends, and family!

Jen's Buckets of Blooms - 2016

Jen’s Buckets of Blooms – 2016

Please contact us if you would like some of next year’s bounty!