Miss Meadows
February 4th, 2016

After much hard work, our first bloom of the 2016 season has arrived! It’s only fitting that the Dutch Master, “America’s Favorite Daffodil,” was the first of our ten varieties to show their face. Say hello to this beauty!

1st Daffodil

March/April 2016

Our harvest of blooms for the first year exceeded our wildest imaginations!

IMG_20160319_104520 IMG_20160320_081525 IMG_20160319_120124 IMG_20160319_103630 IMG_20160319_111407 IMG_20160319_111133img_1855

June 4, 2016

Special thanks to our new friend, Dr. Ted Snazelle, who was so kind as to answer all of our questions about daffodil farming. Ted, our Miss Meadows team is forever in your debt!


August 6, 2016

Our “test harvest” of approximately 500 bulbs went according to plan. All bulbs harvested show signs of a healthy multiplication. Next step, we dry the bulbs for a couple of months and get them to market in the Fall.


November 6, 2016

Our test harvest of 500 bulbs dried nicely during the past few months. We’ve packaged the bulbs in quantities of five in miniature croker sacks with Miss Meadows logo stickers and pictured varietal tags. Now, it’s off to market!


February 10, 2017

It’s that time a year again! Dutch Master leads the charge again this year showing her blooms early and in full force across the entire row. Gigantic Star is not too far behind just starting to bud. Our initial assessment is that we may have tripled in number from last year, but stay tuned for the official counts.